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Have a Team

Use peer to peer fundraising or get sponsors. Our Venmo and text to donate button make it easy to raise donations.

Use FIDO's Givebutter account to set up your team. Your team needs to be set up under the 2023 FIDO Beach Volleyball Campaign.

  • Organize a team of 4-8 players. 

  • Agree to raise/pay  $1000 per team. (8 players = $125 a person). 

  • Our Givebutter fundraising page helps you raise money through Venmo, social media, emailing and texting. Create a  team fundraising platform with Givebutter link.

  • ​Sponsorship packages are on the Sponsorship Details page. 

  • If someone prefers to pay with check, checks are written  directly to Fashion Industry Dog Organization.​​​

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