Shadia Lee

Mutley Crue Member 

Mom, Stylist & Retail

How may dogs do you have?

We have 3 dogs. Their names are Sugar, Turkey, baby (Gobbles)
Do they have any nicknames?

The Rescue Crew, Chu Chu, Turkey Boy, Bobbles
Where did you find your dogs? They're all pound puppies.
Favorite dog hangout?

Lucky Dog Barkery at Preston Center

​What have you learned from your dogs?
Patience, endless love &all the tricks to remove poop from carpet


FIDO   (Fashion Industry Dog Organization) 

We are  a 501 (c)(3) organization. Our mission is to provide funding and raise awareness for existing animal advocacy charities and charities that promote the positive relationship between animals and people.

Our Team
We are a dog loving group fashion, branding, and image professionals. A concerted action of photographers, models, agencies, stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists who use our skills and
networking capabilities to promote and raise money for dog-related charities.
Katie Tull
Co-Founder & Mutley Crue Member

Model & Yoga Instructor

How many dogs do you have? We have 2 dogs, Mazee-Jo (MJ) and Jack

Do they have nicknames? 

MJ's are Baby Princess, Baby Orca & Biscuit. Jack's are Bubba, Jackboy & the King

Where is your favorite dog hangout?

Mountains of Arkanas and Friday nights on the 20 Feet patio.

Where did you find your dogs?

MJ-SPCA in Charleston, South Carolina. Jackboy was found in a manger in a nativity scene at Christmas!

What have you learned from your dogs?

They are always present. They're never worried about the past or the future. They're alway living in the moment!

 FIDO Friends

We have many biz friends that go out of their way to help and support us in many different ways. We couldn't do any of this with out them.
Thank you to the following professionals who have given their time and expertise to make this event happen. It's what I dig about our industry

 Event photos were shot by Michael Quevedo

Additional event photos by @romeobravophoto & luis_martinez93

Mutley Crue photos by @kellywphoto

Promo Campaign shot by Jeremy Shelby

Cheryll Smith

Founder & Mutley Crue Member

 Hairstylist & MakeUp Artist

 How may dogs do you have?

We have 4 pups. Their names are Jake Ryan, Brolin, Diego and Hooper

 Do they have any nicknames?

Jakey Boy, Jakenator

Ginger Boy, Brolin Down the River

Diego Fuego, Perro de Amor

Hoop de'Ville, Piggy Wiggy, MC Wiggy Bigz

Where did you find your dogs?

Rowlette City Shelter, Texas Husky Rescue, the center median of Ferguson Rd.

What have you learned from your dogs?

Sometimes the best friends are the ones who don't ask questions.

Lindsay Weatherread

Mutley Crue Member

Fashion Stylist & Producer

How many dogs do you?

Between my fiance & myself, we have 2. We're a blended dog family. Their names are Atticus & Rick.

Do they have any nicknames?

Yes, Atticus' are Bambooshka or the P, short for Little Peanut. Rick's are the B or Ricky.

Where did you find your dogs?

I came home and there was this tiny, shaking, little baby pup hiding under a chair in the backyard. Rick came with the fiance!

What have you learned from your dogs?

That the universe gives you what you need in life and not what you think you need. Atticus has taught me to stay open to what comes my way.

Our 2020 beneficiary is:

​At this time we have not plans for 2020 events.